Hi, I'm Karlee.

I am a photographer from the Northeast corner of the United States. My passion for photography started at a young age, as I learned that my only essential carry-on item was my camera back-pack. While most of my current endeavors revolve around sports, my work is rooted in portrait and creative photography.

Throughout high school, photography was my side hustle. I did senior portraits, weddings, maternity sessions, etc... for anyone who wanted me. My rates fluctuated as I went through the "oh, you don't have to pay me!" phase. As I began doing more photo work, things changed. I started focusing on more creative projects, with a focus in fashion, branding and lifestyle. My passion for photography quickly grew, and so did my need for more advanced equipment.

After high school I took a gap semester to chase my love of nature, traveling, and wildlife overseas. I did volunteer work in New Zealand and Ireland for that semester, working with animals and practicing my photography.

After my travels, I enrolled as a full-time student at Monmouth University studying Communication and Photography. A week after starting school, I was hired by Monmouth's Athletic Department to be their Lead Athletic Photographer for the Division 1 teams. What I expected to be a casual work-study quickly became my pride and joy. I fell in love with photographing sports, and the energy & emotion that comes along with it. I couldn't dream of a more rewarding college experience; something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

In the fall of 2020, I took a Creative Assistant position at a fashion boutique and wholesale jewelry company. I assisted with all of the creative endeavors, ranging from styling and executing photoshoots, keeping up with current and upcoming trends, writing fun descriptions and naming new jewelry items, ideating social content, and managing the website.

In April of 2021, I was brought on by Major League Baseball as a Live Content Creator. I moved to Philadelphia to cover all Phillies games, getting content for both the Phillies and the visiting team. While I was primarily located in Philadelphia, MLB assigned other events for me to cover as well. I had a few trips, tasked with gathering content of some of the top prospects playing in the Minors.

I have now joined the Washington Football Team for the season, as their Photography Intern.

I am so excited for what's to come in my career, and to continue to learn and develop as a rounded digital creative.

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